Tuesday, December 16, 2014

5 Tips for Buying Used in Grand Rapids

5 Tips for Buying Used in 

Grand Rapids

Many budget-conscious Grand Rapids auto owners who need a reliable vehicle can’t even consider buying a new one. So they are forced to take their chances with a used one. If you are in this situation, how can you find a vehicle that is going to serve you well for many years to come? Spaanstra Bros. Automotive Service presents five tips for used car buyers:

1. Ask for service records. Most owners who document regular maintenance service take care of their vehicle.

2. Inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Check for uneven tire wear, alignment issues, suspension issues, strange sounds and funky odors.

3. If everything checks out up to this point, bring it to Spaanstra Bros. Automotive Service for a thorough used car inspection. Your considerate Spaanstra Bros. Automotive Service service specialist can give you a heads up on any pressing issues or emerging problems that will need to be addressed eventually. If the seller won’t let you do this before you buy, move on.

4. Buy a CarFax report. This will show any major collisions and title status concerns including whether it is a salvaged vehicle. You don’t want a car that was underwater for a week after Hurricane Sandy.

5. After you buy, stay on top of regular maintenance (and save the records). Spaanstra Bros. Automotive Service will help keep your car running well and you will enjoy not having a car payment.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Automotive Service: Your Vehicle's Alternator!

Spaanstra Bros. Automotive Service Car Care News and Information: Alternator

my battery keeps going dead
My battery keeps going dead. I had it tested and it is fine – what could be the problem?

Spaanstra Bros. Automotive Service Answer:
Well, your trouble could be caused by several things. Let’s start with a likely suspect: your alternator. The alternator is like a little electrical generator. It is spun by the serpentine belt on your engine and makes electricity. This electricity is used to power the important electrical systems required to run your sedan. It also powers all of your electronic accessories like your stereo, navigation, heated seats, and air fans, as well as charging all the electronics you have plugged in.
After the alternator has handled all that, any electricity that’s left over is used to charge your battery. You can see where we’re going: if the battery isn’t getting enough electricity to stay charged the trouble may have something to do with the alternator.
Now it could be that the alternator is bad – they do wear out over time. There are a number of failure points within the alternator, but in practice, it is less pricey to simply replace the alternator than to take it apart and repair it.
At Spaanstra Bros. Automotive Service in Grand Rapids, we can test your alternator to see if it needs to be replaced. We find that typically the alternator tests out as being OK – but for some other reason it’s not putting out enough electricity to keep the battery charged. Remember we said that the serpentine belt drives the alternator? Well the trouble can often lie with the serpentine belt system.
The serpentine belt transfers power from the engine to the alternator. When the belt wears away to a certain point, it is no longer able to provide enough grip and the belt can slip on the alternator pulley so that it is not spinning fast enough to generate all the electricity that your sedan needs.
A possible related problem for Grand Rapids car owners is a worn serpentine belt tensioner pulley. This pulley provides tension on the serpentine belt so that it is tight enough to spin the alternator and other accessories. When the belt is too loose, it can slip on the alternator pulley and, once again, not enough electricity is made.
So, when you battery is going dead – test it. If the battery is still good – test the alternator. If the alternator is still good – inspect the serpentine belt and belt tensioner. Chances are good that your service center or the team of considerate service specialists at Spaanstra Bros. Automotive Service will get to the root of your issue. Give us a call

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